Each new home construction company is an exciting undertaking, driven

Modular home construction is made possible by state-of-the-art factory assembly line techniques. We would readily use Tyner again for any home we should consider in the future. Let Takitani Construction handle the overall planning, coordination, and control of your project from inception to completion. Each new home construction company https://sigmaconstruction.uk/house-refurbishment-.html is an exciting undertaking, driven by inspiration, creativity, and hard work. “The construction finished in less than six months - delays due to bad weather and required inspections included. People make a Company, and the employees of Tyner are absolutely terrific! A new modular home will travel from workstation to workstation, with all building trades represented. Modular construction provides solutions to many problems encountered on-site. In Lego®-like fashion the home is assembled, connected, and completed. Whether it be your dream home, a second home or a remodel on a house that you love, allow our experiece to guide you from inspiration to decision-making. Our modular construction process starts in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, so the homes can be produced to be much “tighter” than those built on-site. Attention to detail and communication allowed us to spend little time dealing with the normal construction issues enabling us to maintain our busy schedules and lifestyle. A quality modular home is assembled using name brand products that can be purchased by the modular home manufacturing facility from suppliers in large quantities at reduced costs. Hire us and we’ll be building your home in no time. Overall, modular construction offer you the design flexibility and customization opportunities at a price that is difficult to beat. Modern modular homes can take on the appearance of a traditional home or can assume the look and style of today’s most contemporary structure. We are proud of the reputation we have established as a leading Home Builder on Maui. I can and do enthusiastically recommend Tyner Construction Company to potential customers. “One day our home appeared fully constructed. Due to these carefully controlled building conditions, modular construction ensures consistent high quality. Call us and lets get your new home built in 180 days or less! We want you to enjoy the results long after your home is completed. Modular home components are never subjected to inclement weather, modular construction is never affected by poor subcontractor performance, and every stage of production is carefully monitored.

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